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Hey there!
My name is Amanda and I'm married to the most incredible man, Eric. We are parents to a beautiful baby girl, Makenna! I'm originally from NY and am still having trouble adjusting to the South. I love food, reading, fall weather, football and apple cinnamon candles. Music is my passion and hiking has quickly been added to the list!
Jesus is my Savior and I'm totally in love with who He is and what He does all around me. My faith and relationship with Him is forever growing and the most important thing in my life. I love talking and writing about Him! He's my favorite topic :)
The Lord took my passion and love for music a bit further than I ever dreamed when He called me into the role of Worship Leader at an amazing church called DECIDED church. What an experience that has been. Praise God!
I have Celiac Disease which is an auto immune disease that makes me intolerant to gluten. I follow a gluten free diet and can honestly say that it has changed my body. I am constantly looking for ways to improve my diet with new and yummy recipes!
I'm a stay at home mommy and in love with my life. I'm blessed beyond my wildest dreams and pray this blog can reach anyone that The Lord allows it to reach!
Thank you for reading and please never hesitate to reach out and send an email with anything.
Much love!

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